PYBB Newsletter

May 18th 2020



Preparing Poynton Youth Brass Band for life after lockdown


Hopefully, everyone is keeping safe and well during this extended lockdown. 

Until the official guidance from government allows, it will not be possible to hold rehearsals and concerts, and Poynton Methodist Church is closed until the emergency is over.

Once the crisis is over Poynton Youth Brass Band will be back, rehearsing and performing.

In the meantime, our players can be using the lockdown to practice and be ready for the day that we can restart usual band activity.

Firstly, is your instrument in good and playable condition? Do all the valves and slides move freely?

Take each valve out, one at a time to ensure they don’t get mixed up, clean with diluted washing up liquid, dry and apply a light coating of valve oil.

For tuning slides, apply a light coating of petroleum jelly.

Do you own a music stand?

If not, please get one from an online music shop or Amazon.

Do you use a metronome when practicing?

A metronome is an essential aid to practice to ensure that your playing is consistent and in time. There are free metronome apps available for smart phones and tablets, “The Metronome by Soundbrenner is a good example.

Do you practice for at least 30 minutes a day?

30 minutes practice each day will improve your playing. If you find an exercise difficult, play it slowly and consistently, with the help of a metronome, and eventually increase the speed in small incremental steps.

Those scales and basic exercises are important, keep practicing them.

Find a favourite piece of music and practice playing it, again with the metronome to ensure that the tempo is consistent. If you find a particular passage difficult, isolate that passage, play it slowly over and over until you can start building the speed up to the tempo of the piece as a whole.

What to expect from PYBB in the next weeks and months

As it will be some time before the band can get together, we will be setting some homework for all our players. In the days and weeks to come we will be sending out a piece of music, appropriate to each ability range, which we will be asking you to practice and learn to play to the best of your ability. Each player will be asked to book a time slot, a few weeks later, for a short video session with their band conductor where they will be asked to play their set piece.

The intention of this exercise is to focus all our band members, throughout the ability range, on their playing and to let them know that the band is continuing to function, even in lockdown, and will be there when the health crisis is over.


We want to hear from you via the band’s Facebook

Let us know what you are doing, or if you wish to, send us a video of you playing. Remember, the band’s Facebook page is there to keep us connected.


Reduced membership fees during lockdown

From 1st May 2020 the membership fee for Poynton Youth Brass Band is £5 per month, per family until further notice.  If you wish to take advantage of this reduced membership fee, please cancel your existing standing order and create a new monthly payment of £5.

The bank details are as follows
Account name: Poynton Youth Brass Band
Account number: 83042561
Sort Code: 09-01-28
Reference: your family name

Any family which is suffering financial hardship at this time may just cancel their standing order.


Remember – keep practicing and we’ll have a great band to go back to!