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Band History

The band celebrated a successful 25 years in 2007 by holding its 25th Anniversary Concert at the Romiley Forum where the Youth Band was joined by over 30 ex members. A celebration of 25 years of musical talent. 

The bands first practice was in January 1982, it was founded by Tom Peak and Alan Lawton, a player and conductor of the then Poynton Brass Band. The first rehearsals were held in the Old Methodist Church on Clumber Road in Poynton. The band hasn't gone far in terms of practice rooms since then, just across the road, but we have gone far in musical terms. Our achievements can be seen on the Trophies Page.

The first conductors were Les Hall and Bob Wyatt, the main stay of the band has been Les who for many years shared the musical director role with Louise Renshaw. From 2003 to 2011the band had many successes in youth band contests while under the directorship of Andrew Hirst. Since 2011the Youth Band has been under the musical directorship of Michael Eccles. In the early years the band was made up of just a few young players but since then has blossomed to become a large and successful organisation, which now consisting of a learners group, a training band, the Poynton Junior Brass Band with over 30 members and the Poynton Youth Brass Band with over 40 members.

The band is now so successful that for time to time we have had to operate a waiting list. The organisation prides itself in taking young people of any ability. The band is run solely by parents or current and past players. The band has enjoyed various trips abroad and has been heard playing in Valkenburg, Luxembourg, Maastricht and Paris.

Poynton Youth Brass Band has recorded three CDs "The Studio Sessions 2002" "Malaguena" and “Cry of the Celts”.

The Brian Hicks Memorial Trophy For Services to Youth Brass Banding in Great Britain was awarded to Poynton Youth Brass Band in 2005.