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Our current conductors of the Youth Band are Michael Eccles and Les Hall, they work closely together to bring out the "best in the band". We are thankful to them for all their hard work both inside and outside the Band room.


Michael Eccles joined as the Musical Director for the Youth Band in July 2011.    

Michael began playing the cornet at the age of 9 and was a member of Poynton Youth Brass Band as a player until 2000, becoming the principle cornetist.

After leaving Poynton Youth Brass Band, Michael went on to play with Fodens Brass Band and is currently a member of the Fairey (Geneva) Band.

Les Hall, conductor and comedian in residence is one of the founder members of Poynton Youth Brass Band. Les began playing the cornet at the age of 7 - his first teacher was his father In his younger years under the guidance of Norman Ashcroft, he won many slow melody competitions Les has played for many bands over the years and many of the top conductors.

He has numerous "wins" to his credit, the British Open, Nationals, Granada Band of the Year, Champion Brass and B.B.C. Band of the Year.
Les has conducted the Youth Band for 20 years, enjoying many successes along the way.                                                 

In 1992 he helped to reform Hazel Grove Brass Band and has recently handed over the baton after nine years, you can still here him playing in the ranks of the band. Although Les would like us all to believe that he only goes "Banding" because Joyce makes him - we really think he does enjoy it and thank him for his dedicated and loyal service to the Youth Band. Without him it would not have survived to be the band it is today.

Les has recently added a new "Valve" to his cornet and has moved into the learners section, where he is training his "little group" to become the next Junior and Youth Band players.