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We are fortunate enough to have a learners' group, called "The Academy" under the tuiton of Brian Cox, for absolute beginners, and a training band led by Les Hall and Ian Barker for those who are capable of ensemble playing and getting ready to take up their places in the Poynton Junior Brass Band.

Children practice in groups for an hour and then come together to learn and have music theory practice. The music theory class is not as boring as it may sound thanks to the innovations and hard work of Clara Pears and Heather Ward who make it a lot of fun. These tutors form the "foundation layers" of the band, giving their time and talents freely for the benefit of the children.

We do not give individual tuition to any child they learn in a group and are encouraged to practice at home. We would hope that you encourage your child to practice even if it is only for 10 minutes a day. "Practice makes Perfect"

Due to the popularity of our Learners section, we sometimes have to operate a "Waiting List".  Please email the band or contact us by phone if you would like your child to start on the exciting road to learning to play a brass instrument.